Friday, April 9, 2010

More photos

From February flush - you can see here how a stone forms from smaller granules clumping together over time.

From April flush - Didn't think I had any big ones like this still in there. wrong.


C.C said...

Hi Jonathan! Amazing story! I have a question- when you do David Jubbs 14 day cleanse, what can you use instead of Evacu-Ease, Digest Aid and Wild Zymes? I want to do it but sounds a bit hard getting a hold of it all!

Jonathan said...

you really don't need the Jubb herbal formulas to do a 14 day. they are super high quality products but are hard to get a hold of and very pricey.

Evacuease - helps the intestinal tract move - you can replace this with taking 1/2 to 1 teaspoon epsom salt morning and night. also Senna Leaf Tea.

Digest Aid - this has a variety of herbs that help to get the stomach juices flowing. You could easily buy some fresh ginger and run that through a juicer or chew on it. Basically has the same effect. also horseradish, turmeric, even green tea.

Wild Zymes - can be replaced with normal digestive enzymes - take 2 capsules with a meal.

i'll also just say that you don't have to do a 14 day blended diet in order to do liver flushes.

emma said...

Dear Jonathan I have just seen Dr Jubb and he has put me on the 14 day blended diet. Does it not need to be blended? and what can I replace the following with:
Evacuease, Earthmate and Lifecolloid.

Thanks Emma