Friday, January 22, 2010

More Strange Stuff Coming Out of Me

A good size stone from October Flush
This came out in November. I think it's like an old lining that had been stuck in the bile ducts. Pretty gross, right??


Helen said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful blog- you are an inspiration to me as I am letting my patients know about the liver flushes. I'll send them to your site if they are truly interested. At this very moment I have 5 people that have finished doing the flush and have gotten stones out, and 1 who had gotten worms out! They all feel so much better afterwards and I tell them, just keep going, you need to do 10 more at least!

One guy just called me this morning and said he felt a bit sick (he's very toxic) before drinking the oil- but after the oil he felt great. And after he passed some stones and some ? junk, he didn't have to take his pain meds. Isn't that great?

My husband is continuing on his 2nd flush in a row since he got such a great result in getting out some gallbladder stones from his gallbladder (vs in the liver).

My question: EVERYONE including me, hates the epsom salt. The oil is no problem. I've tried squeezing a bit of lemon juice, add some sea salt, but it's still tasting terrible. Do you have any other suggestions for me? I want to look into Dr. Jubb's EvacuEase. I read about that in his Jubb Cell Rejuvenation book in his protocols.

If you are interested, I follow Mikio Sankey's protocol in his book- I have his pages on my website and it's probably the most simple version possible and his and my patients get great results. Here it is:

Again, thank you for your great work and dedication and inspiring others with your perseverance and love.


Jonathan said...

true, the epsom has a bitter, some say metallic taste.

i dont find it to be too bad anymore. a friend of mine says drinking it through a straw helps her get it down. ive never tried it that way.

glad to hear people are doing flushes with positive results!

jubbs evacuease is an herbal formula an is very powerful but wouldnt replace the epsom in the liver flush. and jeez, you think epsom tastes bad, evacuease is horrific.

thanks for checking out my blog

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