Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Links Of Interest


(sorry most of these links are dead now...)

I think mainstream science is far too sure of itself. It's a healthy exercise to examine what other opinions exist. I find all of the following intriguing:

Gaston Naessens, pioneer in live blood analysis

Kikuo Chishima - japanese biologist - read his 8 principles

Gunther Enderlein, pioneer in live blood and advocate of pleomorphism theory

BioMedx - this company runs live blood analysis training courses - their website is filled with good information. and good videos of blood in healthy and unhealthy states.


Michael Cremo - Forbidden Archaeology

History of Foods - notice domestication of plants (and animals) began at the earliest 10,000 years ago, though anatomically modern humans have been around 200,000 years according to recent finds in mainstream archeology.

Jared Diamond: agriculture the worst mistake in history?

An in-depth outline of the human digestive system:

Where are red blood cells made?

Biological Transmutation - biological systems do not conform to classical laws of physics

Oh, just a little reading on intestinal bacteria

Friday, January 22, 2010

More Strange Stuff Coming Out of Me

A good size stone from October Flush
This came out in November. I think it's like an old lining that had been stuck in the bile ducts. Pretty gross, right??